Are You a Good Candidate for BOTOX® Cosmetic?

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Looking and feeling your best is important, but how can you achieve your best look when you have wrinkles and other signs of aging? BOTOX® Cosmetic may be the solution that's right for you. However, in order to receive BOTOX® Cosmetic injections, you must first determine if you are a good candidate for this in-office procedure. That's where Facial Aesthetics can help.

To learn more about your BOTOX® Cosmetic options, give our office a call at (855) 857-4770 to schedule your consultation. We are committed to delivering beautiful aesthetic results to patients from Denver, Castle Rock and the surrounding Colorado communities.


Like any other cosmetic treatment, you must fulfill specific requirements in order to get the procedure. At Facial Aesthetics, we consider you a good candidate for BOTOX® Cosmetic if you meet the following criteria:

  • You are at least 18 years old
  • You are free of any known allergies to BOTOX® Cosmetic or related products
  • You have good facial symmetry
  • You are free of facial scars or pre-existing skin conditions
  • You have good facial muscle strength
  • You are not pregnant or nursing at the time of your treatment

BOTOX® Cosmetic is used to treat specific areas of the face. This beneficial injectable may be a great option for those who are seeking to diminish signs of aging, including:

  • Fine lines or wrinkles on the forehead
  • Frown lines between the eyebrows
  • Fine lines or wrinkles at the corners of the eyes (crow's feet)

The best candidates for this injectable treatment are those who meet the above qualifications, are physically healthy and those who do not have a history of neuromuscular disease such as multiple sclerosis.

Discuss Treatment Options With Our Clinical Staff

To fully determine your candidacy for this injectable, you will meet with our clinically trained staff for an initial consultation. Here, we will discuss your qualifications and overall goals.

You will also want to be sure to inform us of anything that may hinder your cosmetic results, including:

  • Medical conditions
  • Medications you are taking, including vitamins and supplements
  • Questions or concerns you may have regarding treatment
  • Any known allergies

Sometimes, patients find that they do not meet the requirements for BOTOX® Cosmetic. If this is the case, our team may recommend other skin care treatments to help you get the youthful appearance you want to achieve.

As Denver's premier medical spa, Facial Aesthetics can provide you with outstanding cosmetic results. Our practice has been awarded with the prestigious Black Diamond status, placing our team in the top 1% of providers nationwide. This makes us uniquely qualified to provide you with the best BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment and overall patient experience.

If you are in the Denver area and would like to discuss your BOTOX® Cosmetic options, give our office a call at (855) 857-4770 to schedule your consultation.