Pearl Procedure

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At Facial Aesthetics, our estheticians are constantly evaluating new procedures and technologies, and we're happy to introduce the best of these to our Denver-area patients. The Pearl Procedure is a non-invasive skin treatment that offers many of the benefits of resurfacing lasers. The result is a reduction of the symptoms of aging and sun damage, such as:

But with fewer treatments and less downtime. Pearl can help you achieve a fresher, more vibrant complexion with little discomfort and no need for time off from work.

Pearl works by pulsing the top layer of skin directly and transmitting heat to the deeper layers of skin. As a result of the direct treatment, your skin will form a protective natural dressing while the deeper layers of skin are stimulated to produce more rejuvenating natural compounds. When the natural dressing peels off on day 3 or 4 after treatment, you will notice the vibrancy of your new skin.

You will likely notice the skin continues to improve in appearance. It's clearer, smoother, and softer than before. The Denver and Aurora spas can treat age spots and provide dark circle and wrinkle treatment with Pearl.

Am I a candidate for Pearl?

Pearl can help you if you are unhappy with visible signs of aging or sun damage and you have light to medium skin tone.

Is there any downtime after a Pearl treatment?

After Pearl treatment, your skin may appear red or pink for 3-4 days. Your skin will also be sensitive to the sun and you should make sure to use sunscreen and avoid sun exposure during this period. Otherwise, you can continue your normal daily routine.

Does Pearl treatment hurt?

Using a scale of 1-10, with 10 representing significant pain, most patients report Pearl treatment feels like a 2 or 3.

How many Pearl treatments will I need?

Some people see great results after their first Pearl procedure. Others may need a second treatment to achieve the results they desire.

Can Pearl treatment be combined with other cosmetic treatments?

Yes. Pearl treatment can be used at the same time as Laser Genesis treatment, dermal fillers, or BOTOX®. During your consultation, we can talk about your aesthetic goals and how best to reach them.

For more information about Pearl laser, schedule an appointment at our Aurora rejuvenation spa. Englewood can also provide sunspot and age spot treatment with Pearl laser treatment.