Pre/Post Dermaplaning Treatment Instructions

Serving Denver, Castle Rock, Aurora & Nearby Areas of Littleton

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A Dermaplane treatment is an exceptional method of removing the outer layers of inert skin cells. The result is smooth and rejuvenated skin with a hair removal benefit. This procedure is not traumatic and is a non-invasive way to remove dead skin cells to renew the skin. Our certified clinicians will use a blade to stroke the skin at 45-degree angle similar to shaving. We will prepare and cleanse your skin prior to the treatment and apply moisturizer afterward.

This is a very safe procedure and only requires that you avoid taking any medications that could cause the blood to thin such as Accutane, Retinols, or any anti-inflammatory drug. Finally, do not wax before your treatment since this interrupts the hair growth cycle. Other than this, there is no special preparation before or after your procedure and you can combine the Dermaplane with a light peel.