Pre/Post Photofacial Skin Treatment Instructions

Serving Denver, Castle Rock, Aurora & Nearby Areas of Littleton

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At Least Three Weeks Prior to the FotoFacial Treatment

A consultation with your clinicians is necessary to discuss preparation for the first FotoFacial treatment (please disclose any oral medications being taken at this time).

We recommend that only very light peels or facials for the area to be treated. Facials are especially helpful to hydrate the skin prior to FotoFacial treatment. Avoid sun, tanning booth, and self-tanning creams prior to FotoFacial treatments.

On the Day of FotoFacial Treatment

If possible, do not wear any makeup to the FotoFacial treatment.

During the FotoFacial Treatment

The FotoFacial treatment uses intense light. We may ask you will to wear a pair of goggles to protect your eyes from the flashing light.

When the light hits the skin, it will feel like a rubber band snap; this is normal.Once the FotoFacial treatment is finished, we will cleanse your face and apply sunscreen. The area treated by FotoFacial may be red and slightly swollen.

On the Evening of the FotoFacial Treatment

Keep the treated area iced as directed by your clinician. Be gentle with the area and only use products recommended by your clinician. We may recommend an ointment, cortisone cream, or hydroquinone; apply as directed by your clinician. Avoid excessive heat and sweating for 24 hours following your treatment (saunas, hot tubs, hot showers, or aggressive exercise).

Days two and three After the FotoFacial Treatment

Take care of your skin as directed. Do not ice the treated area.

Day Four after the FotoFacial treatment

At this time you will be able to begin your normal skin care routine.