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If you are looking for a non surgical face lift, you just want to smooth out a few fine lines, or you want to fill in deep set wrinkles, injectables are for you. Often times people may not understand the difference between Botox, Dyspot, and dermal fillers (Restylane, Juvéderm, Radiesse, Perlane, Sculptra). We feel that it is very important to educate and answer any questions that our patients or prospective patients may have. With that being said Botox and Dysport work by decreasing the movement of the muscles that cause worry lines, frown lines, crow’s feet, and other wrinkles. Botox achieves this by temporarily obstructing the signals that travel from the nerves to the muscles, thus slowing muscle movement and compelling wrinkles to soften and relax. Dysport works in a similar manner to Botox and is what we offer as our Botox alternative.

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Our staff performs facial anti-aging rejuvenation treatment by injecting Botox and Dysport to lift certain areas of the face and increase the life of dermal fillers. You can expect to see results within 3-5 days, which typically last for 3-6 months. Botox or Dysport can stand as an individual treatment or be combined with many other anti-aging treatments for better results. The staff can perform collagen injections and dermal filler injectable treatments.

Dermal Fillers, however, are products that puff up weakened facial features, and often can stimulate collagen growth. Each dermal filler is unique in its own way but they all work in two ways. First, they plump the skin and gently lift it to restore collagen loss due to the normal aging process. Second, dermal fillers motivate the body to create its own natural collagen.

Besides lifting the characteristics of the face, restoring volume, and improving wrinkles, they rejuvenate the skin providing a smooth youthful look. Dermal fillers work rather quickly and can last from a few months to more than a year. Both forms of treatment work well separately but provide optimal results when used in combination with each other. We offer many different types of dermal fillers at Facial Aesthetics such as:

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Contact us today to learn more about pre and post care injectables and to schedule your free consultation. Learn how you can obtain maximum injectable results. The Denver and Englewood spas provide dermal injectible facial filler treatment for skin tightening of cheeks and under the eyes.