IPL Photofacial

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At Facial Aesthetics., sophisticated technology is a key component of our skin rejuvenation treatments. One of the advanced skin care options we offer is intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy, also called photofacial or photorejuvenation treatment.

Photofacial is a suitable treatment for a wide variety of different skin problems. Please call Facial Aesthetics in Denver at (855) 857-4770 to find out if IPL is right for you.

What Does IPL Do?

During photofacial treatment, the area of unsightly skin is targeted by a trained member of our clinical staff. The treatment site is subjected to a series of intense light pulses that enter the skin and alter the structure of blood vessels, pigments, and other factors that are responsible for aesthetic problems.

Issues photorejuvenation can address include:

  • Sun damage
  • Liver spots and other types of hyperpigmentation
  • Rosacea
  • Broken capillaries (“spider veins”)
  • Wrinkles

IPL also has the further advantage of reducing oily skin and encouraging the body’s natural production of collagen. A reduction in oiliness benefits patients who are prone to acne, and restoring the development of collagen can add volume and youthfulness to the skin.

Benefits of IPL Photofacial

As with many skin treatments at our Denver medical spa, each photorejuvenation procedure is customized to fulfill the needs of the individual patient. An experienced clinician will evaluate the condition of your skin with the advanced VISIA® Complexion Analysis tool to determine whether or not photofacial can help you reach your cosmetic goals.

Other advantages of IPL include:

  • Treatment can address several skin conditions at once through multiple wavelengths of light
  • No downtime required – you can re-apply makeup immediately after the procedure
  • Side effects such as redness typically go away in hours
  • Photorejuvenation therapy is generally more affordable than laser treatments

Some patients experience discomfort when the intense light comes into contact with their skin. Our med spa clinical staff will do whatever possible to make your photofacial treatment comfortable, including applying a cooling gel and using the utmost precision with our IPL equipment.

The complimentary complexion analysis performed at our Denver spa will also help determine whether or not photorejuvenation might cause discomfort. If your skin type will likely not react well with IPL therapy, our clinicians can discuss alternative treatment options.

To learn more about how photofacial can enhance the beauty of your skin, please contact Facial Aesthetics online or call (855) 857-4770 today. We offer IPL and other services to patients in and around Denver, Castle Rock, Aurora, and visitors throughout the United States.