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The two easiest and most important steps in a skin care routine: cleansing and moisturizing.

Of course there are many things you can use in between, but if you’re a minimalist, you do NOT want to skip these two steps.

Anti-aging moisturizers are rising in popularity because they work two-fold: not only do they help moisturize the skin, but they also work to prevent wrinkles and improve cell turnover, age spots, resulting in younger, fresher, more vibrant looking skin.

So why is moisturizer so important? Because it plays a role in all of the following:

  • Giving your skin that healthy glow: no one likes dull, flaky skin. Moisturizers help your skin look like it just took a big drink of water – giving it that hydrated, refreshed appearance. Moisturizing cream also helps you achieve a more flawless look after makeup application. Makeup sticks to dry areas of your face, accentuating those fine lines and wrinkles where visible. Give your moisturizer a few moments to set before applying sunscreen and foundation.
  • Keeping wrinkles at bay: moisturizing cream keeps the skin hydrated and refreshed so that collagen has a harder time breaking down causing fine lines and wrinkles to develop.
  • Managing acne flair-ups: you don’t want to feel greasy, but you don’t want to feel too dry either. Depending on your cleanser or any other product you apply before moisturizing, you can run the risk of experiencing redness or peeling if you don’t finish your routine with a light moisturizer.

While using multiple therapeutic products in an anti-aging program, you may feel hydrated enough to skip the application of this step. But don’t! Moisturizers are one of the last steps in your routine for a reason, they seal in the benefits of the therapeutic products you just applied to your skin and provide the long lasting effects of hydration.

The FINAL step is sunscreen. Our moisturizers don’t contain SPF. The truth is sunscreens aren’t moisturizers, and while the marriage of the two may add convenience to your routine, the products work better when applied on their own. Sunscreen applied after moisturizer gives you that layer of protection your skin needs. We recommend always choosing a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or greater.

A closer look at our Pamela Metamorphosis anti-aging moisturizers:


This moisturizer has a thicker consistency, geared to treat very dry skin. But note the “plus” in its name. It’s loaded with peptides. We’ve formulated this anti-aging moisturizer with our Tri-Peptide Complex (which helps to strengthen collagen). In fact, it is so effective in healing and growing collagen, plastic surgeons have used it as their moisturizer of choice on patients post laser surgery/therapy.

Ingredients to note:

1. Acetyl Hexapeptide-8:

A peptide compound used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles

2. Palmitoyl Hexapeptide-12:

This peptide functions as an antioxidant. It has skin-restoring abilities helping skin look and act younger.

3. Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5:

Popular anti-aging ingredient valued for its ability to communicate with skin cells and boost collagen production.

Pamela’s Tip:

This moisturizer is one of my favorites and I always recommend it as the weather changes, especially into and out of the winter season. That being said, some people will need this product all year-round because of their problematic dry skin. They would not only be benefitted by the hydration but also by the anti-aging properties it has in the form of peptides.


Let us introduce you to the bestselling product in our line, the Green Tea face moisturizer! Read customer reviews here. It is loved by young and old alike, and can be used on any skin type. The main ingredient, green tea (identified on our label by its scientific name, Camellia Sinensis), is one of the most potent and effective anti-oxidants, just like a Vitamin C. With anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties, green tea enhances your complexion by helping to provide the proper hydration your skin needs. It also has anti-bacterial properties which make it a popular choice by people with acne-prone skin. Our Green Tea Moisturizer is light, fast-absorbing and has a smooth, non-sticky texture. Looking for a place to start with our product line? Try this moisturizer, but note Pamela’s Tip below too!

Pamela’s Tip:

If you’re thinking of trying a new product, this moisturizer is a great start. We’re confident enough in all of our products to say starting with any Pamela Metamorphosis product depending on your skin needs is a great start, but remember this: as you work through your skin care routine and layer products on, each product benefits from the other, creating an anti-aging system not found anywhere else on the market. Our Green Tea Moisturizer is a best seller for a reason. Everyone needs a moisturizer, so if you’re looking into a new line and want to experiment with one product first, this would be our place to start!