3 Reasons to Consider a Chemical Peel

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Chemical peels are one of those treatments that tend to be a bit misunderstood by many people as to what it really is, and what benefits it may have. Simply put, a chemical peel is superficial burn (kind of like a sunburn), but it is done in a controlled environment. Dead skin cells are removed, stimulating the production of collagen and allowing for a refreshed look.

A proper chemical peel can help in reducing a number of common skin concerns, such as signs of aging, reduction in appearance of blemishes, or rosacea.

The following are three of the top reasons many patients consider a chemical peel:

Wrinkles: Fine lines and wrinkles are one of those things that just can't be avoided no matter how hard we try. Creams, serums and lotions can only do so much to slow down the loss of the skins elasticity. Chemical peels can help reduce the signs of aging through the stimulating effects caused by increased cell production and healthy cell growth, while also removing dead skin cells through exfoliation.

Skin tone: With every day damage through adverse effects of environmental exposure and our own poor habits, it's not uncommon to suffer from uneven skin tone, whether it be sun spots or another skin condition. A chemical peel stimulates the skin to promote healing itself through cellular turnover. This allows for a improved texture and skin tone by replacing damaged skin and dark spots as well as refining pore size.

Blemishes: Acne and blemishes are something that people are prone to, whether it be due to environmental factors or oily skin. They are also the cause of lower self-confidence for many. A chemical peel can help in reducing the effects of oily skin and acne, minimizing future occurrences of blemishes.

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