5 Ways to Reduce Acne Scars

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5 Ways to Reduce Acne Scars | Denver, Aurora, Castle RockAcne at any age can be embarrassing. Once you get rid of the breakouts, you're left with acne scars as a constant reminder of past pimples. There are not any sure-fire ways to completely get rid of your scars, but there are a number of ways to reduce their appearance.

Our medical aestheticians at Facial Aesthetics Medical Spa are certified to create a skin care treatment plan that is ideal for you.

We offer several treatment options in Denver to reduce your acne scars including:

1. Laser Treatments

Laser skin care resurfaces your skin and promotes the production of new collagen. The precision of the laser allows our clinicians to target specific areas of your skin without affecting the surrounding areas. If you have divots on your face due to acne, laser skin resurfacing can smooth out your skin and encourage collagen to fill in the gaps.

2. Microneedling

Microneedling also pushes the surface layer of your skin to create new collagen by making small openings in your skin. This helps jumpstart the healing process and signals for your body to produce more collagen. Microneedling opens up your skin for a refreshing topical serum to be applied.

3. Medical and Chemical Peels

These peels are slightly different. A medical peel is used as a precursor to a chemical peel. One of our certified aestheticians will use a medical peel to remove the top layer of your skin. The appropriate chemical peel will then be applied to reach the underlying layers and make way for the growth of new, healthy skin.

4. Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are a great way to promote the growth of collagen and elevate weak areas of your skin. They can reduce the appearance of large pores and acne scars along with giving you a younger look.

5. Microdermabrasion

This treatment can give you radiant skin by buffing and polishing your skin. Microdermabrasion exfoliates skin and helps reduce black heads, acne scars and many other skin conditions.

One or more of these treatments may be perfect for you. You could have visibly healthier skin in as little as one session with our Denver aestheticians.

Acne scars don't have to take over your life. Call Facial Aesthetics Medical Spa in Denver today at 303-377-2868 to schedule your consultation. We serve clients in Denver, Aurora, and Castle Rock, Colorado.