Does Facial Aesthetics Offer Body Procedures?

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We know you might not necessarily think of Facial Aesthetics as a provider of body procedures. But, in fact, we offer a couple of safe, proven, non-invasive procedures that require almost no downtime and can target specific cosmetic complaints.

These procedures include:

  • CoolSculpting: A non-surgical alternative to liposuction, CoolSculpting freezes targeting fat cells, allowing them to be eliminated from your body naturally over the course of a couple months. The procedure requires little downtime and is both simple and safe.
  • Laser hair removal: Using a safe, precisely designed medical laser, we can remove unwanted and unsightly body hair from a range of treatment areas. Laser hair removal is perfect if you want to eliminate body hair but don't want to deal with lengthy, uncomfortable waxing appointments.

We're confident offering these procedures because the data are clear- they boast impressive safety records and achieve their goals.

Of course, knowing whether or not these procedures are right for you requires an in-person consultation or examination. We'll be happy to arrange one at your earliest possible convenience.

If you live in or around Denver, Colorado and you want to learn more about the procedures discussed in this post, please call Facial Aesthetics at 303-377-2868 for a consultation.