End of Summer Skin Treatments

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With the end of summer slowly approaching, now is the best time to start treating our skin for some of the damage that's been done. Advancements in skin care now allow us to address some common issues caused by the sun. Schedule your end of summer treatment, contact Facial Aesthics by calling 303-377-2868 today!


Repairing the skin may sometimes feel impossible but luckily the skin is resilient. The following treatments can help you in your fight to get your skin looking and feeling rejuvenated:


Exfoliate - Removing the damaged skills on your skin will leave your skin looking smooth and rejuvenated. Professional exfoliation can be achieved through microdermabrasion and chemical peels. You can also use a daily scrub at home to help maintain the texture of your skin


Pearl procedure - This non-invasive skin treatment offers several benefits that are similar to those of resurfacing lasers. The procedure helps reduce wrinkles, uneven texture, uneven color, and dullness caused by aging and sun damage, leaving you with a more vibrant, fresher complexion.


Laser treatment - Laser technology can help to improve the look and feel of your skin by boosting collagen production and reducing the signs of aging. Some issues which can be addressed with this treatment include sun damage, discoloration, scarring, and enlarged pores.


If your skin is showing signs of sun damage or aging, contact Facial Aesthetics at 303-377-2868 to see what skin care treatment options our Denver med spa has to offer you. We serve patients residing in and around the areas of Castle Rock, Aurora, and Denver, Colorado.