Everyday Factors that May be Damaging Your Skin

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You take care of your skin, using moisturizers and gentle cleansers, and you limit the layers of product on your face. But if your skin still feels just a bit off, there may be other factors that are keeping your skin from being all it could be. Here are some everyday factors that may be damaging your skin:

  • Taking long showers. As hot water is drying to skin, the longer you stay in the shower, the drier your skin can become. The chlorine in shower water can also aggravate your skin.
  • Not getting enough sleep. Your body makes more cortisol, a stress hormone, when you are sleep-deprived, which can lead to increased inflammation that hurts your skin's quality. Your skin also recovers moisture while you're asleep.
  • Wearing certain metals or leather. If you have a skin rash, you may have contact dermatitis, a form of skin sensitivity. Remove metals and leather from your wardrobe for a while to see if your rash clears up or visit our skin care specialists.
  • Stress. Stress hormones can cause your skin to slow down the cell renewal process. If this continues long enough, your skin will not maintain and repair itself the way it should.
  • Eating processed carbs. Processed baked goods such as muffins and donuts have a high level of sugar, which increases inflammation in the skin and can cause acne and rosacea.
  • The weather. Changes in the weather, especially in the drier winter months, can affect your skin. Moving from cold weather outside to warm, but dry, air inside can cause dehydration. Facial Aesthetics recommends using a humidifier in the winter.

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