Game Changers for the Name Changers

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You’re getting married! Congratulations.

To be honest, we don’t actually care if you’re changing your name.

That’s a personal choice.

Make the switch, or don’t, either is great. What we do care about, however, is the reactions of your guests when you walk down the aisle.

Will you be radiant? Of course you will. It’s your wedding day after all. 

What about your skin and body? Is it where you want it to be? If your initial answer is “no” to this question, let’s discuss the ways that we can help you combat some of the issues you’re experiencing.

Prior to the big day, here are the top treatments you’ll want to consider if you have:


Your wedding is going to be full of overwhelming joy and emotion. We want to help you show your emotions beautifully and freely without excessive fine lines and wrinkles. 


The last thing you want to be worrying about before your wedding are any unexpected guests, aka pimples. We are here to help keep your acne away on your special day. 


Even up. Apply your makeup with ease on the big day when you give it the best foundation to work with – healthy, beautiful skin.


Own that dance floor. Wave those arms in the air like you just don’t care! Zip that dress up without the bra fat! Sculpt your waistline!

Thinking about one or more of the treatments above? We bet you’re wondering about how early you should start. Remember that great skin and a great body requires commitment, not a miracle. You won’t be able to resolve all skin issues and slim down overnight (although our treatments are pretty amazing!). Plan it out. Here’s some timing to consider:


  • HydraFacial: 1 week prior 
  • BBL Forever Young: 1 month prior 
  • Chemical Peels: 1-2 months
  • Halo: 1-2 months prior
  • BBL Clear: 3 months prior 
  • Vivace: 3 months prior


  • Botox: 1 month for best results 
    • 6 months for a new patient
  • Fillers: 2 months for best results
    • 1 year for a new patient 


  • 6-9 months prior to wedding day. Consider the dress fitting! It takes 90 days to see the full result from CoolSculpting. Work back from that dress fitting (usually 1-3 months prior to the big day) and maintain that weight and result!

Our Denver and Greenwood Village specialists offer complimentary consultations where they will analyze your skin and body and create a customized plan just for you.

Not the bride? Whether you’re in the bridal party or attending as a guest, if you’re wanting to improve the overall health of your skin or sculpt certain areas of your body, we invite you to visit us!  

Quick Glossary of Skin Care Treatments: 

  • BBL Clear:Clears acne without the hassle of medicated creams. Through the combination of blue, yellow, and infrared lights, BBL Forever Clear eliminates pore bacterial growth, reduces inflammation and redness, and aids skin cell regrowth. 
  • BBL Forever Young:Uses light therapy to help resolve age spots, sun damage, redness, freckles, skin discoloration, hair removal, and acne. BBL Forever Young rewinds the clock, making your skin look younger and clearer. 
  • HydraFacial:This treatment cleanses, exfoliates, extracts, and hydrates your skin all at once. HydraFacial is amazing for all skin types. HydraFacial fights acne and improves the appearance of wrinkles, enlarged pores, and hyperpigmentation.
  • Chemical peels:Removes the outermost layer of the skin and assists new cell growth. With your old layer of skin cleared, new deeper layers of healthier skin cells are able to form. This process resolves acne scaring, skin damage, hyperpigmentation, and wrinkles to leave your skin healthy, fresh, and radiant. 
  • Botox: Our expert nurse injectors can make any unwanted wrinkle disappear. If you are looking to prevent crow’s feet around your eyes, excessive frown lines between your eyebrows, or wrinkles on your forehead, Botox will meet your every need. 
  • Fillers: Our fillers fix deep smile lines and wrinkles around the mouth and chin area. Our results will leave you with a flawless smile and bring more life back to your look.
  • Halo: Reverses skin damage and restores skin using a microscopic laser treatment. Halo improves skin tone, texture, and coloration.  Halo also helps the build up of collagen and elastin in the skin to keep fine lines and wrinkles away. 
  • Vivace: Through fractional micro needling, Vivace provides immediate results of clear skin without fine lines and wrinkles. Vivace can tighten skin on the face, neck, hands, and body to leave your entire body flawless. 
  • CoolSculpt: Non-surgically reduces fat through a seamless freezing procedure. CoolSculpting produces permanent results, leaving you with your perfect figure long after your special day. If you have a few stubborn areas in need of some shaping, CoolSculpt is the perfect treatment for you.