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Get friendly with “REEF FRIENDLY”

We know the importance of wearing sunscreen and maintaining a healthy skincare routine during the summer season. If your vacation plan involves spending time by the ocean, you will want to invest in a reef friendly sunscreen product. Our two Elta MD sunscreen products, UV Elements and UV Pure, protect your skin as well as our ocean’s coral reefs. 

Get Friendly With Reef Friendly What does it mean to be reef friendly?

It means you care about preserving Mother Nature’s coral reefs. Reef friendly products are mineral based and include safe ingredients such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. These ingredients are easily digested by coral reefs and do not interfere with coral growth or marine life. 

Why is it important to be reef friendly?

There are 82,000 different chemicals from skincare products that make their way into our oceans every year. Sunscreen plays a large role in this number, depositing 14,000 tons of chemicals into our oceans. This chemical runoff threatens our ocean’s coral reefs. When chemical sunscreen enters the ocean, the sun’s UV rays are reflected away from the coral. Without receiving necessary sunlight, the coral loses its pigment and becomes a pale white color (aka coral bleaching). Coral bleaching kills the coral. In addition to being a living organism, coral also serves as a habitat for marine life. Without healthy coral reefs, many marine life species lose their homes. Using reef friendly products is an easy way to help our oceans and show our reefs some much needed love. 

About our reef friendly products: 

Our Denver and Greenwood Village medical spa locations carry two Elta MD reef friendly products. The UV Elements SPF 44 is a tinted facial sunscreen. Your face will enjoy pigmented protection, while you enjoy your vacation and protect coral reefs. The UV Pure SPF 47 is a water resistant facial and body physical sunscreen. UV Pure is the perfect full coverage sunscreen for any active day on your vacation. 

UV elements facial aesthetics sunscreen UV pure facial aesthetics sunscreen

Protect yourself and the coral reefs. Get out in the sunshine. Go enjoy the beach.