How Aging affects the Skin

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As you age, you begin to exhibit thinner, less taut facial skin. Lines and wrinkles have probably begun to form, and the texture and color of your skin may look different then when you were younger.

Over the years, it’s impossible to avoid all of the factors that age your skin, which can be both environmental and a natural part of the aging process.

The appearance of your skin will change as you age as a result of:

  • Sun exposure
  • Gravity
  • Smoking (if you do or have in the past)
  • Diet
  • Facial expressions
  • Natural changes in tone and elasticity

The appearance of aging skin is partly affected by the breakdown of collagen and elastin, resulting in less elastic, looser skin. Exposure to the UV rays of the sun worsens and accelerates this natural process, making your skin age prematurely.

Tension wrinkles caused by facial expression are often effectively reduced by BOTOX® and Dysport.

You should do everything you can to prevent damage to your skin as it ages, including protecting your skin from the sun, ceasing tobacco use and eating a healthy diet with nutritious foods. For the aging effects you can’t prevent, our skin care treatments can restore a fresher, younger-looking skin appearance.

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