How BOTOX® Cosmetic Can Perk Up Your Holidays

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How BOTOX® Cosmetic Can Perk Up Your Holidays

Holiday season is rapidly approaching. That means, colder weather, warm nights by the fireplace, as well as many family and social gatherings. We all plan on what we’ll wear and how we’ll manage the holiday whirlwind, but how many of us remember to plan for our skin treatments during this active season?

At Facial Aesthetics, we have a number of skin treatment procedures which can have you looking your best for the busy holiday season. Call 303-377-2868 (Denver) or 303-791-1820 (Greenwood Village) for your preliminary consultation.

Three ways BOTOX® cosmetic can perk up your holidays

To put your best face forward this holiday season, BOTOX® cosmetic is an injectable filler which can diminish any stress lines, crow’s feet, or wrinkles in no time at all. Here are 3 ways BOTOX® cosmeticcan help you look your best and get ready to enjoy this holiday time of year?

  • Facial rejuvenation – In wintertime, your face is not only the first thing people see, it is the area most exposed to any outdoor elements. With BOTOX® cosmetic, you are assured to be putting your ‘best face forward’ no matter what the weather conditions are.
  • Smoothing out neck folds – In addition to your face, smoothing out your neck folds and diminishing any neck creases, is a welcome enhancement for those revealing holiday fashions.
  • Rapid recovery time – When you are preparing for a series of events, it can be challenging to make the time in your schedule to a) have the right cosmetic surgery procedure and b) recover effectively from any treatment. With BOTOX® cosmetic, you are able to easily ‘get in, get out’ and get to all of your holiday celebrations looking fabulous.

To find out how easily you can get your BOTOX® cosmetic treatment in for the holidays, please contact Facial Aesthetics today. Call 303-377-2868 (Denver) or 303-791-1820 (Greenwood Village) for your complimentary consultation.