How Often Can I Get BOTOX® Injections?

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Since BOTOX® is so effective – and because repeat injections are necessary in order to maintain your results – one of the most common questions we are asked about BOTOX® is how often patients can receive injections. Every BOTOX® procedure is customized to meet your individual needs and cosmetic goals. Your need for follow-up treatments will partly depend on the dosage amount we are using to achieve your goals.

The effectiveness of BOTOX® increases when it is injected over an extended period of time, but these injections should be spaced out. If used too frequently, BOTOX® may actually become less effective. Most of our patients are easily able to maintain their results by receiving BOTOX® injections every three to six months. We do not recommend having BOTOX® injections more than once every two months. If you are undergoing BOTOX® treatment for the first time, remember that your results may not be visible during the first two days.

If you have further questions about BOTOX®, please contact Facial Aesthetics. today to schedule a complementary consultation. We serve patients in the Denver and Littleton areas of Colorado.