Your Diets Affect on Your Skin

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Do you love the way your skin looks and feels after you walk out of a spa? Do you ever wonder how you can maintain that healthy glow longer? If so, then changing your eating habits to a healthy diet may be something to consider. Your diet plays an important role in giving your skin the nutrients needed to keep looking its best. Here are some tips for making your diet as skin-friendly as possible:

Carbs: Remember to avoid eating too many processed carbohydrates, especially sugars that can increase breakouts. Complex carbohydrates, resistant starches, and fiber are essential to keeping your digestive tract working properly, and can help your body remove toxins that might lead to skin damage.

Fruits and vegetables: These are the key sources of skin-healthy nutrients. They contain antioxidants which can counter environmental and sun damage caused by free radicals. And many contain selenium, which is also important for protecting your skin against sun damage.

Meats and proteins: Proteins are the essential building blocks of most of our tissues, including our skin. Collagen production, for example, depends on the presence of sufficient protein. If you’re reducing your meat consumption, make sure you’re supplementing with other proteins so your skin can retain its health.

Fats: Everybody thinks fats are bad for you, but in small quantities fats are necessary for your health, including the health of your skin. Fats are the primary component in cell membranes, so if you don’t have enough fat in your diet, your skin may suffer, becoming dry and brittle. Many nutrients in your food are also fat soluble, so if you don’t have enough fat, your body can’t utilize them.

These nutrients will help your skin retain the benefits of a chemical peel or other skin treatments that restore your skin’s youthful character.

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