I Got Botox and This is What Happened: A First-hand Experience From a Botox Beginner

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We asked a first-time Botox patient to recount their experience and this was her story:

“Botox newbie. That was me as I sat in the chair discussing my forehead lines and crow’s feet with Ingrid, my nurse injector at Facial Aesthetics. In my head it sounded like: “I’ll just consult today and see where it goes – I probably won’t treat though”. I’ve been thinking about Botox for 2 years now and I finally decided to stop being lazy and do something about my curiosity. 

*Sidenote: I also decided to ignore the little voice in my head which was my husband telling me not to do it.

After a lot of discussion with my nurse injector, I felt like I met a real and honest friend. She listened to my concerns. I was made comfortable and empowered to make my own decision on whether I up and left or followed through with the treatment. 

For me, I wanted Botox more to see what all the fuss was about among my friends vs. having it done because I REALLY needed it. Don’t get me wrong, I had some visible areas to work on, but I wasn’t necessarily at the point where I was unhappy with what age was doing to me. I’m 32 years old. I know prejuvenation is important. I also knew I was in great hands as so many of my friends had amazing experiences at this particular clinic, so I did it. I jumped. I got ‘toxed. 

Let’s first talk about the treatment – LIGHTEST. TOUCH. EVER. I wasn’t pumped full of Botox. I didn’t want to be frozen as so many people often feared. I still wanted some movement and my injector set my expectations and told me exactly what I would get. I left feeling confident and pretty excited. Visibly on the outside, I just looked like me. I had tiny little bumps where the injections were made, but those were gone within 10 minutes and you wouldn’t even have known I was touched with a needle.

The confidence I was feeling lasted all of 3 days. When you’re sitting in that chair, you smile and nod, and think you’re taking in all the information, but let’s be honest, trying something new can sometimes makes your nerves go a mile a minute. I forgot everything that was told to me. Side effects, when it would kick in, how I would feel, etc. Luckily, a personal call was made to me on day 4. 

What was I feeling that made me a little panicked, and in all honesty, down and out about this treatment that everyone raves about, you wonder? I felt a tightening in my forehead, this feeling that I had to stretch my eyes or my forehead, but couldn’t. I felt like it looked like I wasn’t moving when I went to make any expression (even though in the mirror there was still movement). I also had a few headaches, which I normally did not. 

After chatting with Ingrid during my call, I was reminded that headaches can be a side effect post-Botox treatment. The feeling that you are not moving at all on the outside is also the most odd feeling and something I had to get “used to”, which in the beginning, I thought “yea right”, but interestingly you actually DO get used to it.

REMINDER: these were all told to me in my initial appointment, but of course, I forgot! It was then that I realized how important the follow-up appointment is and how being honest with your injector really does help answer all of your questions and address your concerns.

 I was so glad I went to my follow-up appointment. Follow up appointments are scheduled between days 10 to 14, when Botox is at its full result. At my follow-up, Ingrid showed me my before and after photos. I was shocked with my results. I couldn’t believe how much my forehead lines and crow’s feet improved! 

I loved how smooth I looked. I looked less tired, and my skin looked more vibrant. I looked like a rejuvenated version of myself.

What I loved about it is that even though I knew I got Botox, no one else did – it would have them guessing “what skin care line are you using” or “wow you’re aging well!” And I say…keep them guessing. 

I was told Botox works and settles differently in everyone. My biggest take away from Botox is that it doesn’t have to make you look stiff or expressionless as so many fear. What I also took away is how important it is to communicate with your injector. Don’t sit around worrying and wondering. If you have a question, no matter how annoying you feel like you’re being, ask away. That’s what I did!

My Botox results are evident. Do you think my husband even noticed? NO. And did he care as much as he said he would when I told him?  Also no.

 But the decision to do this was not about him anyway. It was about me. My face is now wrinkleless and refreshed. The temporary headaches and slight discomfort were well worth my flawless results. Botox produces real results. I am appreciative to the Facial Aesthetics team for their great talent and service along with the comfort and support I was given as a newbie to the Botox world.

Will I be back? You bet I will.


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