Is It Risky to Get a Photofacial while Breastfeeding?

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No. A photofacial is a noninvasive cosmetic treatment that has very little impact beyond the skin and tissue of the treated area. Your photofacial will target skin discoloration to even out your complexion and may help to reduce sun damage. The only possible concern is the use of topical anesthetic prior to treatment. This generally isn’t necessary, and if you do without this step or pump and discard before your next feeding, there should be no health concern.

However, you may want to wait until after you are finished breastfeeding before getting any type of cosmetic procedure. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, your body is in a state of high hormonal flux, which can impact practically every body system, including your skin. Many of the conditions you may want to treat with a photofacial may resolve itself after you wean your infant.

Chemical facials are more of a concern that photofacials. The chemicals used in facials may be absorbed by the body and may be present in breast milk. And since the cosmetic concerns they might be used to treat will also resolve spontaneously, it’s best to put them off until after you are finished breastfeeding.

Also a potential concern is photodynamic therapy (PDT), which is sometimes called a photofacial, but which includes the use of a light-sensitive chemical that is mildly toxic and it is not known if these chemicals are excreted in breast milk. PDT should be avoided during pregnancy.

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