Microcurrent Treatments around the Eyes

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Microcurrent facials use minute electric fields to improve the texture of the skin and remove obvious signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles. Commonly, a microcurrent facial is used as a treatment in between injections of BOTOX® Cosmetic or dermal fillers. When used in conjunction with these products as part of your overall skin care routine, microcurrent treatment can produce enhanced, short-term results.

Length of Results

Microcurrent treatment can produce stunning results in very little time, but will not produce results that last. Some microcurrent options may produce results for one to two days at the most, making them best for touch-ups before big events.

For patients who do not require immediate results, microcurrent treatment can take place over several sessions or be combined with clinical creams to produce longer-lasting results over a period of one or more months. The option best for you is dependent on your immediate needs, long-term goals, and interest in other skin care and facial rejuvenation options. The combination of procedures most likely to provide you with your desired look will be determined during your initial Denver skin care consultation.

If you live in the area of Denver, Colorado and would like to learn more about skin care and microcurrent treatment, please contact Facial Aesthetics to schedule a free initial consultation today.