Pamela Hill's Personal Experience with Skin Cancer

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May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, and the team at Facial Aesthetics wants to take this opportunity to remind you to wear sunscreen! Many people skip the sunblock because they don't like the way it feels, or because they feel like skin cancer is not that serious or common. We're here to tell you otherwise and to urge you to protect your skin. Take it from our own Pamela Hill, a skilled Registered Nurse, and the CEO and Founder of Facial Aesthetics.

Many of our aesthetic patients are curious about the scar next to Pamela's eye. This scar is in fact from a melanoma surgery, the third one Pamela has undergone. Pamela was a child and young adult at a time when sun protection was not taken seriously. Men and women alike regularly sunbathed without any type of UV protection. It wasn't until later that the dangers of sun exposure became well-known. Now we know that a blistering sunburn in your youth could lead to melanoma in later years.

Pamela has found melanoma on her skin in three different instances: on her leg, her abdomen and then on her temple. While she is left with a scar, she is happy to tell you about her experience and to encourage others to advocate for their own skin health. We are so happy that Pamela's melanoma did not spread. Catching skin cancer as early as possible is essential. Check your skin regularly for new or changing marks and spots. Melanoma usually appears as an irregular or changing mole. A dermatologist can remove the mole.

Since it is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, Pamela and our entire team want to take the opportunity to encourage our patients to protect their skin with UV-blocking skin products. Summer is right around the corner, which means long days in the sun. Make sure you're properly protected from the sun's rays.

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