Stretch Mark Treatment

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“How do I get rid of these stretch marks” is one of the best popular dermatology questions we hear in Denver. This unsightly skin condition can mar otherwise excellent skin and distract from the progress you’ve made in sculpting your body.

Fortunately, at Facial Aesthetics we can treat your stretch marks, remove them and give you the attractive, unblemished skin you desire.DOT Treatment is an exciting new dermatology treatment that can eliminate your stretch marks.

DOT stands for “Dermal Optical Thermolysis.” A laser skin resurfacing treatment, DOT is safer and simpler than other forms of laser skin resurfacing. And Facial Aesthetics is the first med spa center in Denver to offer it.

The laser will generate thousands of tiny holes in the treatment area, but leave the skin around those holes untouched. This stimulates your body’s collagen-generation process and tightens your skin.

Our doctors can customize your DOT treatment to your specific needs. The end result is usually tighter, smoother, more attractive skin without stretch marks. DOT treatment is an exciting advance in dermatology.

If you live in the Denver, Colorado area and you want to learn how dermatology-inspired treatments can eliminate your stretch marks, please contact Facial Aesthetics today.