Treatments for Liver Spots

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Live spots are dark blotches that can appear on any part of the body. Despite their name, liver spots are not caused by issues with the liver, but rather by factors such as aging and sun exposure. Liver spots are so named due to their shape and colors’ close resemblance to liver.

No matter what the cause, liver spots are unsightly and can detract from your appearance. At Facial Aesthetics, we are pleased to offer a wide range of treatment options that can significantly reduce the appearance of liver spots and other skin conditions, helping you look and feel wonderful about your appearance.

Eliminating Liver Spots

Treatments for liver spots in Denver include:

The liver spot treatment that can most effectively help you reach your goals will be based on the area affected, the extent of spotting, and other factors unique to your body. During your initial consultation with one of our Denver skin care specialists we will be happy to assess your skin, discuss all of your options, and help you choose the liver spot treatment most suited to meet your needs.

If you live in or around Denver, Colorado and are looking for an effective liver spot treatment, please contact Facial Aesthetics today to schedule your free initial consultation.