What is Vein Therapy?

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One out of every two people in the United States is affected by varicose veins or “spider veins.” These unsightly veins typically occur on the inside of your legs and/or the backs of your calves. Varicose veins are enlarged veins that have a dark purplish-blue color. Spider veins, on the other hand, are smaller than varicose veins and can have either a red or blue color. They get their name from the spider-web appearance they cause, and can be found in more areas of the body than just your legs.

Vein therapy – medically termed “sclerotherapy” – is an injection-based treatment for varicose veins and spider veins that is a safe alternative to laser vein treatment. During a schlerotherapy procedure, one of our aestheticians will inject a chemical solution into the smaller vessels around your varicose/spider veins, causing them to collapse. Once this occurs, your body will “absorb” the veins back into a deeper layer, removing them from sight and restoring circulation in the area.

If the appearance of spider veins or varicose veins has begun to interfere with your self-image, our experienced Denver vein therapy team can help you choose the right vein therapy treatment for your specific needs.

Please contact Facial Aesthetics today to schedule your free Denver vein therapy consultation with one of our experienced aestheticians. We serve patients throughout the Denver metro area of Colorado.