Obagi Blue Peel

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Facial Aesthetics offers a medium chemical peel called the Obagi Blue Peel. This is a TCA (Trichloroacetic acid) peel which uses chemicals stronger than some of the other peels. This allows the Obagi Blue Peel to be more effective in augmenting the texture of the skin while restoring its vitality.

Obagi Blue Peel will refresh dull looking skin and put the glow back in your complexion with a quick recovery period. This is great for those individuals who suffer from:

It is also recommended for making pores appear smaller, fading brown spots, and creating a smoother overall skin surface.

The potential for burns caused by chemical peels is present in most treatments. The good news is that the Blue Peel uses a blue dye. This helps your clinician applying the treatment to determine how deep the penetration of the chemical has gone to determine when to stop. This action makes this procedure a very safe one.

Recovery time from a Obagi Blue Peel is short but you can expect your skin to turn blue for a few days. Some flaking and peeling will occur within a week of treatment but is generally complete in about nine days. You are then free to resume your normal activities, but stay out of the sun for a few days. You may have your peel repeated in as little as six months while maintaining a regular skin care program.

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