PRP for the Face (Platelet-Rich Plasma)

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What if you could use your body's own collagen-boosting cells to rejuvenate your face? With platelet-rich plasma treatment, you can do just that. At Facial Aesthetics, we apply your platelet-rich plasma over your skin as part of a microneedling treatment, HALO Laser, or Vivace treatment. It is also available as an injectable treatment.

PRP rejuvenation is gentle and non-surgical procedure. When you choose Facial Aesthetics, you receive effective care completed with state-of-the-art technology. Our staff is highly trained and has completed various training and education courses to provide safe methods and noticeable results. 

What Does PRP Do For Your Skin?

Woman receiving PRP facial at Facial Aesthetics in DenverYou may have heard it called the "Vampire Facial,"  because it uses your own platelet-rich blood to rejuvenate and brighten your facial appearance. The benefits of the PRP facial include:

  • Improves skin texture and gives you that beautiful glow
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Promotes new skin cell growth
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Firms and tightens skin

Many people love the fact that PRP is 100 percent natural. You'll be using your own growth-factor-packed platelets to refresh and restore smooth, beautiful skin.

Treatment Steps

Loaded with growth factors, the plattlets act on wrinkles and scars to reduce their appearance.

We concentrate the platelets and separate them from the rest of your blood with a sophisticated centrifuge. Left with isolated platelets, we apply them to the skin like a facial serum.

Here are the steps in the treatment process:

  • Apply numbing cream
  • Blood is taken from your arm
  • The blood is spun in a state-of-the-art centrifuge to separate the components: red blood cells, PRP, and PPP
  • We use SkinPen, Vivace, or HALO Laser to microneedle or laser your skin
  • We apply the plasma to your face

Microneedling the skin opens up tiny little channels in the tissue. The skin is more receptive to the platelet-rich plasma after these treatments, which make it a great combination.


What is a PRP Facelift?

Platelet-rich plasma facial patient at Facial Aesthetics in DenverPRP can be injected into the skin, in addition to being applied topically. When PRP injections are combined with facial fillers, the treatment is sometimes called a "facelift" because of the deep wrinkle reduction that can be achieved. Note- this is still completely non-surgical:

  • To enhance results, opting into a PRP filler can address deeper lines and wrinkles
  • A hyaluronic acid filler used along with platelet-rich plasma injections produces a fuller look in hollowed or sunken areas of the face

Our experienced team is committed to finding the treatment that works best for you. Arrange a consultation so we can discuss your treatment options.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Results

After your facial, your face may be red while it heals. In the days following, a healthy, beautiful glow will be revealed.

Like all skin treatments, it's best to complete a series of PRP facials. Three to six treatments will likely be required to get your best results. Our team will let you know how many sessions they recommend for your skin's needs and your aesthetic goals. For maintenance of your results, a follow-up appointment will be recommended one year after the initial treatment series is complete.

Arrange Your Consultation in Denver or Greenwood Village

Ready for glowing, smooth, rejuvenated skin? To learn more about PRP facials and injections, please call us: Denver, at 303-377-2868, or in Greenwood Village, at 303-791-1820. Our experienced, friendly team looks forward to helping you decide if platelet-rich plasma treatments are right for you.