Rejuvenation Treatments

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Skin rejuvenation is on everyone’s mind. The many different methods of skin rejuvenation are not only popular, but have become more common.

For instance, if one of our patients is looking for under eye rejuvenation, or wants to take care of other eye aging concerns, we recommend under eye fillers such as Botox, Dysport, Prevelle Silk, and Restylane. Each of these dermal fillers have a versatile function for correcting the signs of aging around the eye. Your filler of choice will be determined with an evaluation of your concerns, and an understanding of your under eye rejuvenation goals.

Other areas of aging our patients seek treatment for, are the nasal labial folds around the mouth, or the “parenthesis” as they are commonly described. More concerns we treat are, the loss of volume in the cheek area, facial sagging, the “jowl” line, and wrinkles around the mouth. Most patients believe that a surgical facelift is their only line of defense. This is no longer true. Liquid facelifts are the new form of non surgical skin rejuvenation. Juvederm, Radiesse, Sculptra, and the permanent Artefill, are skin rejuvenating products that can be used together or separately to correct, smooth, and lift the face to give a youthful appearance, without the cost, downtime, and risks of an actual surgical facelift. Many patients are pleased to learn about the option of the non surgical facelift, as these procedures are usually done in under an hour’s time, allowing them to continue with their busy schedules.

Another great interest that our patients inquire about is skin resurfacing, often done with a laser peel. Our Cutera Pearl treatment is a laser peel that will penetrate deep within the epidermal layers of the skin, and peel away years of aging skin. The result you get is total skin resurfacing, with a fresh and healthy glow. Lines, wrinkles, sun spotting, and uneven skin tone, are noticeably corrected, and our patients see even better results with a series of treatments.

There is also a higher grade in skin resurfacing known as the Fractional Co2 laser, or the DOT therapy. This is a more ablative treatment with a focus on thermal stimulation of collagen, and coagulation. This procedure has an amazing result, but be prepared for the downtime. The treatment is performed by our surgeons, and is intended and recommended for patients with moderate to severe photo damage. Scheduling of these procedures will often be with the recommendation of our RN’s, or Board Certified Surgeons, and commonly come with multiple follow up consultations, with assisted aesthetic maintenance.