Stretch Mark Treatment

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Close-up of a woman's hip with stretch marksStretch marks are common, especially among women. Stretch marks are harmless but many people do not like the way they look on their bodies. These markings can appear on many areas, including:

  • Breasts
  • Hips
  • Butt
  • Thighs
  • Abdomen and belly
  • Arms

Are you interested in softening the appearance of stretch marks and enhancing your confidence in your own skin? Microneedling treatments at Facial Aesthetics can do just that, without any surgery or downtime. To arrange a consultation, please call us at our Denver location at 303-377-2868, or at our Greenwood Village location at 303-791-1820.

What Are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks may appear when the skin is stretched over a short period of time. The truncated time frame means the skin does not have time to slowly stretch out, but instead is pulled tight very quickly. That's why you may develop stretch marks as your belly swells from pregnancy. Or you may have noticed stretch marks following growth spurts in your adolescence. As the skin stretches, collagen and elastin within the tissue ruptures, which is what causes the appearance of a raised streak. When they first form, these marks can be itchy and red.

Some of the most common causes of stretch marks include:

  • Pregnancy
  • Rapid weight gain
  • Puberty
  • Rapid muscle building, such as from weight lifting
  • Frequent and prolonged use of topical corticosteroid

Stretch marks may lighten and fade somewhat over time. As they heal themselves, the marks may sink into the skin, becoming less raised in appearance. They may feel like thin, shallow depressions. Despite fading of the streaks, many people remain dissatisfied and self-conscious with the permanent appearance of these marks.

There are all manner of creams, lotions and oils claiming to erase stretch marks. You may have tried some and experienced poor results. Because stretch marks involve the tissue below your skin as well as above, our experienced team finds the most effective treatments to be those that work on various levels, not just the skin's surface.

Treat Stretch Marks with Microneedling

Woman in underwear with great skin enjoying stretch mark reductionAt Facial Aesthetics, our experienced team of Medical Aestheticians uses Vivace and SkinPen to soften and reduce the appearance of stretch marks on any area of the body. Vivace and SkinPen are microneedling devices.

The innovative, painless microneedling method is non-surgical. The small device has a tip filled with a series of tiny, sterile micro-needles. When passed across the skin, the needles create microscopic channels. Your skin will respond over time by producing new collagen and elastin to repair itself. The rebuilding of collagen and elastin is what smoothes and lightens the appearance of stretch marks.

Vivace and SkinPen are similar technologies. Vivace has the added benefit of radiofrequency. The RF energy penetrates below the skin, where it heats underlying tissue and causes that tissue to tighten up. Collagen and elastin are also stimulated by the energy. The result is smoother, tighter skin and lightened stretch marks.

After assessing the age and extent of the marks, our experienced team will be able to recommend the most effective course of treatment. While some stretch marks are adequately reduced after a single microneedling session, others may require multiple sessions spaced a few weeks apart.

Stretch Mark Reduction in Denver

Are you interested in stretch mark treatment in Denver, Greenwood Village or the surrounding areas in Colorado? If so, please contact Facial Aesthetics to find out if non-surgical, non-invasive microneedling may be right for you. You can reach our practice in Denver at 303-377-2868, and in Greenwood Village at 303-791-1820.