VISIA Complexion Analysis

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VISIA free complexion analysis in Denver and near Aurora COYour complimentary consultation at Facial Aesthetics includes a state-of-the-art VISIA complexion analysis. This device essentially takes pictures of your face, from multiple angles, and then displays an analysis on a computer screen. With VISIA, you can literally see the condition of your skin, the underlying causes and how your skin compares to other people your age. To learn more about this cutting-edge technology, please call Facial Aesthetics in Denver, at 303-377-2868, or in Greenwood Village, at 303-791-1820.

What Does VISIA Show?

VISIA shows some of the most common complexion issues:

  • Brown spots
  • Age spots
  • Sun damage
  • Redness
  • Wrinkles
  • Rough or otherwise poor texture
  • Enlarged pores
  • Spider veins
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Inflammation
  • Porphyrins (oil containing bacteria stuck in the pores)

Each complexion problem is illustrated in a single frame, so you can see each one individually. From the analysis, our experienced Medical Aestheticians can determine what is happening on the surface of your skin, as well as below the surface. That kind of visualization ultimately makes it possible for us to recommend the most effective skin treatments.

The age simulator is another great feature of this device. After analysis, the software places you within a percentile of your age group. For example, it may determine that your sun damage is 60% better than other people your age. Or that your wrinkles are 40% worse than others' your age. It can also show you an estimation of what your skin will look like in the next 5-7 years without any facial treatments. The age-related information may be a helpful factor as you consider your facial rejuvenation options.

This data and real-time visualization is beneficial for us, as skin professionals and for our patients. We can recommend treatments to help you achieve overall skin health, or, in some cases, to maintain great skin health!

How It Works

VISIA uses pictures of your face and special lighting to capture what is happening above and below your skin. It is completely easy and painless. You will be seated in front of the module, and the module will take pictures from different angles of your entire face. The images are displayed on the computer screen immediately. Within minutes, VISIA presents the complexion analysis of various areas of your face. It is essentially a map of complexion problems that makes it possible for our Medical Aestheticians to discuss your skin with you and to recommend optimally individualized skin treatments.

Denver CO free facial analysis with VISIA

With VISIA, you can see and discuss the findings on a computer screen or tablet. Our Medical Aestheticians can point to specific skin problems you may be unhappy with, and describe the specific treatments that will correct the problems.

The module also provides a printed report. It shows the details of your complexion analysis and the recommended treatments. You can take it home and consider your options. Feel free to call us with any follow-up questions. You can even show it to your friends and let them know about the free VISIA consultations at our practice!

Arrange Your Consultation

Ready to see your complexion analysis? To arrange your complimentary VISIA consultation at one of our two practice locations, please call Facial Aesthetics in Denver, at 303-377-2868, or in Greenwood Village, at 303-791-1820.